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The Truly Meaningful Ways To Honor Vets On Veterans Day

November 10, 2015

The history of holidays in the United States has been to turn religious, national, or social occasions into revenue opportunities.

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Ackman To The Rescue: Can He Make The Case For Valeant?

October 29, 2015

Valeant Pharmaceuticals is making headlines again as news continues to drip out on its business practices. Recently reports emerged that Valeant, a hedge fund darling, has the option right to acquire a private company called Philidor, a specialty pharmacy that provides it with distribution and marketing services.

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Will CVS And Walgreens Go The Way Of Blockbuster Or Netflix?

October 13, 2015

Insurance companies have a major stake in the national discussion on the cost of drugs. They’re usually pitted against big pharma and biotech, looking for ways to save money on care and drugs. One recent savings trend has been a push by major insurance companies to divert members from going to brick and mortar pharmacies like CVS Health Corporation (CVS) and Walgreens Boots Alliance , Inc. (WBA) and place them into mail-order pharmacies. By having drugs delivered to doorsteps instead of picked up at pharmacies, insurance companies can leverage their buying power and exercise even better control over what brands of drugs are utilized through a single, preferred distribution network. This could result in hundreds of millions of dollars in savings, cutting out countless middlemen who all play transactional roles in a fractured healthcare system. It could also tear the foundations of traditional brick and mortar pharmacies around the nation.

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Turing’s Drug Price Gouging Gives Politicians A Gift And Biotech A Perhaps Enduring Headache

September 23, 2015

All day Monday, on TV and Twitter you could hear investors, Big Pharma, biotech executives and politicians all saying the same thing: “What’s next?”

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WBB Securities Sponsors BioCentury’s Annual NewsMakers Conference

September 1, 2015

WBB Securities is a sponsor of this year’s NewsMakers in the Biotech Industry conference.

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Greece Is On The Verge Of A Health Catastrophe

July 15, 2015

Over 2,500 years ago, Thucydides, known as the father of scientific history because he relied on facts and his observations rather than divine intervention to explain events, once described a plague that struck Athens. As disease spread unchecked and healthcare standards disappeared almost 1/3 of the city’s population perished.

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Did Celgene’s Billion Dollar Deal With Juno Just Save The Biotech Bull Market?

June 30, 2015

Just when you think a biotech bear market is about to descend, the bulls come rushing in.

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An Immunotherapy To Treat Brain Cancer Rises In The Wake Of A Public Loss

June 2, 2015

Word of Beau Biden, Jr.’s death stunned the nation. It was a sudden loss, unexpected news that chimed and buzzed over smartphones everywhere and then flashed over television screens across the country.

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Analyst Interview: As Cancer Immunotherapy Turns 125, WBB Securities’ Steve Brozak Ponders What Investors Can Expect from Biotech Next

May 27, 2015

Steve Brozak sees a bubble getting larger, and he is anticipating the time when biotech stocks pull back to take a breather, like all high-flying markets ultimately do.

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WBB Securities Acts as Financial Advisor on $60 Million Loan for Navidea Biopharmaceuticals

May 11, 2015

WBB Securities acted as financial advisor to Navidea Biopharmaceuticals regarding a term loan with CRG (formerly Capital Royalty LP). Under the terms of the agreement, CRG will provide Navidea with initial funding of $50 million.

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