Privacy Disclosure 
In order to comply with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) rules, Regulation S-P, and due to the sensitive nature of non-public information obtained and compiled by WBB Securities, LLC, in the course of providing brokerage services to institutions, corporate and public retirement plans, trust, charitable funds and individuals, the following procedures will apply to the protection of non-public information.
There will be no sales, distribution or disclosure of any non-public information to any non-affiliated third party, with the exception of, records or information that WBB Securities, LLC is legally required to provide to Government Agencies or by the order of Local, State, or Federal Courts.
Access to client non-public information can only be accessed and is restricted to only those employees’ who have business reasons.
All computers, computer servers, e-mail, and connections to the internet are protected by appropriate anti-hacker software, Virtual Private Network (VPN) firewall equipment, and various password-protection software.